Festival Directives

2019 Festival Directives and 2019 MFT-1 Form


*Liability Insurance is required for all Festival sites and events.  Please go to the insurance page on this web site (under MFMC Festival) to obtain all the important information including child protection forms, event registration and general insurance information.

Festival/Event Registration & Insurance for September 1 – December 31.  Complete and submit by August 1 deadline:
Reply Form:  #1A (fill-out-form)

Festival Event/registration & insurance for January 1 – August 31.  Complete and submit by November 15 deadline:
Reply Form:  #1B (fill-out-form)

To obtain Festival certificates, complete and submit one month prior to your Festival date:
Reply Form #2


For more information, please contact Festival Chair Nadine Berg

—OR —

Nancy Fisher, Insurance Coordinator, sfxeng@wiktel.com